We need sensible and competent leaders in order for the world to be a better place.

We can contribute to this purpose in every leadership role we play.

With executive search experience of around 20 years, we are focused on discovering talents that are open to change and have potential to satisfy future needs. 

We say “leadership at all times” for the ability to manage this variable. We match sensible and competent leaders who are in compliance with the institution’s culture and objectives in a meticulous, impartial, and consistent manner based on the principle of confidentiality.

We create solutions for main industries, notably automotive. We expanded our services in two fields that support our main line of business. 

We provide service in leadership experiences programs we have created in order to improve leadership and in the field of Digital Human Resources to align Human Resources function to time.

Esperto is an institution that claims no fee or interest from job-seekers and is a Private Employment Bureau holding permit certificate no. 920 in affiliation to Bursa Provincial Directorate of Turkish Employment Agency as per article 19 of Turkish Employment Agency Law no. 4904.