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Position NamePracticeLocationDetails
Proje MüdürüMakinaBursaDetails (Pdf)
Genel MüdürEnerjiBursaDetails (Pdf)
Proje MühendisiOtomotivPolonyaDetails (Pdf)
İş Geliştirme DirektörüOtomotivBursaDetails (Pdf)
Ar-Ge YöneticisiOtomotivGebzeDetails(Pdf)
Satın Alma YöneticisiOtomotivBursaDetails (Pdf)
Proje MüdürüOtomotivBursaDetails(Pdf)
Fabrika MüdürüOtomotivRomanyaDetails(Pdf)
R&D ManagerAutomotiveBursaDetails (Pdf)
Üretim MüdürüOtomotivGebzeDetails(Pdf)

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Esperto is an institution that claims no fee or interest from job-seekers and is a Private Employment Bureau holding permit certificate no. 920 in affiliation to Bursa Provincial Directorate of Turkish Employment Agency as per article 19 of Turkish Employment Agency Law no. 4904.